Chocolate Birthday Cake Necklace Full Cake, Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food Jewelry

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Looking for the best birthday gift? Look no further! Here is a classic chocolate birthday cake with two slices missing. Where are even little confetti sprinkles on the inside and on the top! What not to love?
I start these cakes by making the cake colours by mixing different colours of clay together. I add the brown icing layer in the middle of the two layers. I then make the inside of the cake look more like cake, add the confetti then bake the cake just till its hard. Next I add the outside icing the sprinkles then I bake it one last time. Once the cake is cooled I add a clear gloss to give it some shine. 100% hand made.

Cake Size w 3.5 x h 2.0cm

Chain is silver ptd and nickel free and is: 95 cm

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