Hi I'm Candice. I am a artist, live streamer on Twitch and You Tube. I love making content that inspire you, create what you love, and make a little pocket of joy and love on the internet. I also am a 3D lead layout artist in animation professionally for over 10 years. I am also the owner of CandiWare, an indie brand best known for miniature food jewelry but for the past year I've been venturing into Planner Sticker Pages.

I hope you enjoy my shop. I love to hear what you think about my creations so always feel free to message me to let me know what you think. :)

The "CandiWare" blog is where I'll keep you up to date on my new jewelry, everyday wear with the jewelry, the shows and everything in between. I hope you enjoy it.

★Cool facts about me: I'm Canadian! I'm plant based (vegan) My hubby Chris and I have a podcast where we talk about being vegan.
My full time job is working as a 3D layout artist at a small animation studio in Toronto.

💜Here are my web links:
My YouTube
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See you all soon,
Love ya Beans
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