Sunday, February 23, 2020

Moving Forward

Hi All!

It's been soo long, I wanted to give you a heads up from the last year. Chris and I renovated our house for almost 7 months last year, so we where living with my parents. That was a big bag of mixed emotions, from joy to stress to happiness and so on. This year after being back in our place for 9 months I have really been thinking alot about my business. I have had a lot of ups and downs when it has come to my candiware jewelry. But I think after 11 years its time to say good bye to mini clay jewelry.

There is a lot of resins why its time for me to go but manly its just not really where I feel passion for anymore. I feel like my jewelry never really took off like I wanted it to and I think its time to sell off my stock and findings so that I can move forward. I have also been very busy with other things in my life like my full time job as a lead 3D layout artist on a Disney show. As well as YouTube and Twitch.

Worry not I am not fully planning on closing my etsy shop it will just grow with me. I am moving into sticker making with my love of drawing coming back after soo many years I'm happy to be moving into the next step of my business. I hope you will follow me on this year of growth!

Also I would love the help selling off my mini jewelry stock its 60% off so help yourself ;)

What are you thankful for this year, and what kind of growth do you want to see in your life this year?
Love you all hope to talk soon.


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