Monday, July 24, 2017

Good Bye To Shopify

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about having a shopify, and also why I no longer have one. First I would like to say that I thought it was pretty good. It took me all of family day to get my shop up and running. I had my shop open till last month. Now lets get into what I thought of there platform.

If you have a very strong following and lots of  sales its wonderful, of course right? Well that wasn't the case for me. I guess I have been pushing my etsy shop for 9 years, that I was finding a bit of a struggle to get buyers to jump ship. I did find that if I did have a sale that the buyer did buy more then one item. The many programs on there website do encourage buyers to invest more into your line. There shipping page and getting your clients to become part of newsletters was a lot easier too.

At the end of the day the lack of sales and the high price for there serves was far to much to keep my brand on there platform. I do know it works for many sellers but as of right now I am not one of them. I guess I'm an etsy girl to the better end!

Please let me know if you would like a more in depth look at both etsy and shopify. I want to help out my fellow artist/ sellers out there. Do you use one of these platforms or one of the other eCommerce sites out there? I would love to know what you use.


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