Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reno In The Works

Like I sad in the last blog. Chris and I are in the early stages of doing a full reno on our house. I find it kind of funny when I tell people, what we plan on doing. The first thing they say back is: "OMG thats a gut job!"... Ya I know, when I say reno I mean it! I guess they just didn't think it was going to be that big of a job. Anyways our homework the other week, was to take the drawing of what our place looks like now, and go over them with what we want our space to look like. I am super happy with what we came up with. We will be sitting down with our architect next week to flush out the plans a bit more. From there we will be sending this to committee, which is pretty much the city looking over the plans and what they have to say. That process is a 5 min meeting. But once you book your meeting it can be a year long wait for them to look at your plans. This is why we are happy we started working on our house plans this early. Hope to have more news for you soon. I am also vlogging our plans so once our house is done I will post a youtube video! Cool Right?

In other news I had my first big sale on my new Shopify shop! I am so happy about this. I am also working on knitting a infinity scarf I am very new to knitting. I am also working on a project bag for my knitting. I will post those up next week. I hope you will come back for that update!

Talk to you next week!


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