Friday, September 30, 2016

Interview Series with Yuki from Yukitchen

Hi Sweets~ I know it has been a while since I have done an interview but I thought it was time! I just love Yuki and all her wonderful treats that I think you will agree. I wouldn't know where to start eating one of her works of art. Anyways here it is. I hope you enjoy it! 

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m the girl behind of Yukitchen, with two huge dimples and a passion for cute and healthy living 🙂 I created this website as a place for me to express my love for whole foods transformed into the cuteness. Welcome to my happy kitchen!

I was born and raised in Japan, to extremely old-fashioned parents. My mother works full-time in Japan, but she never skipped cooking homemade meals for me. I began to notice my lifelong interest in food while she taught me how to cook. “Be a good cook.” She used to say, ” You’ll make someone you love happy” 🙂

So what is your blog, all about what do you offer?:
My website motto is "supercute cooking for healthy geeks". The website is a place for me to express my love for whole foods transformed into the cuteness. The recipes and ideas you’ll find there are inspired by my plant-based way of eating, and my deep passion for animals, movies, animations, and video games.

So, describe the process of creating your items: how, when, materials, etc.?:
Majority of the Japanese food I make is inspired by my mother, and rest are the new food ideas and spices I picked up from my travels to the foreign countries.

Got other hobbies that you love?

Reading, painting, daydreaming, writing, karaoke, snowboarding, and traveling to new places.

Any advice for people starting out?

Take good care of what you are interested in. That's what makes you "you".

What other artist do you like/love?
I love Lesley's painting from "When Guinea Pigs Fly", and Angela's cooking from "Oh She Glows"! They always inspire me.

Okay, last question, where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ooh.. I dislike questions about future but.... hopefully still doing Yukitchen with my little mini-me's! 😀

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