Sunday, June 7, 2015

Interview with CosmicWishes

 Hi everyone! Today I have something wonderful to sharing with you! Meet Casey of CosmicWishes! I just love her work and I think you will do. So here is a mini interview I did with her.

Tell us a bit about yourself Hi there! My name is Casey and I am the owner of CosmicWishes on Etsy as well as the creator of Love XO on YouTube. I'm 24 years old and the proud mom of two little girls! I was born and raised in Tennessee, but I now live in Missouri. I've been crafting and making videos for around 5 years now!

So what is your shop(or youtube, which ever you wanna talk about), all about what do you offer?
My Etsy shop is called CosmicWishes and it's a space based shop where I sell resin and polymer clay jewelry. In my shop you will find a lot of creepy cute, space grunge, pastel goth, and kawaii jewelry. I base my shop around the things I love the most!What are all of your social media? (this is my personal tumblr)

So, describe the process of creating your items: how, when, materials, etc.? I usually work late at night as I feel more inspired during the night time. I put some music on, light some candles, then start crafting! If I'm working with polymer clay I will set out all of my clay then grab the tools that I work the most with which are dotting and needle tools, x-acto knife, a small ball of tin foil, a tooth brush, chalk pastels, and of course eye pins! If I'm working with resin I clear off my craft table, gather my resin, clear plastic cups, and pop sickle sticks. After mixing my resin I get my molds, glitter, stickers, beads and then I start creating!

Got other hobbies that you love? I love playing video games! I'm obsessed with Nintendo and their handheld consoles. I've been a lover of Nintendo since I was a little girl and the love just gets stronger as I grow older :p In case you were wondering my favorite game is Animal Crossing!

Any advice for people starting out? Never give up!!

What other artist do you like/love? There are so many wonderful artists that I love but here are a few of my favorites: funkypinkgal, mistypixel, dreamycraftshop, xoxrufus, nerdecrafter, polymomotea, thelittlemew, and toniellison.

Okay, last question, where do you see yourself in ten years?
I've always seen this question, but it's never something I've asked myself. 10 years ago I never thought I'd be where I am today, so in 10 years time there's no telling where I'll be then. I have hopes, goals, and dreams for myself but I try not to look to far in the future. Like most people, I only wish to be healthy, happy, and successful!


Eimear said...

Ohmygosh the little tamagotchi charms are adorable! Thanks for introducing this artist ^_^

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