Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Roof Reno

Before (top photo) After (bottom photo)
I must say that I was very worried about what the roof was going to be like under all the layers of roofing. We had 3 layers of roofing on the extension (flat roof) and 4! layers on the old flat part of the roof. Goes to show you that people don't want to do things the right way. Makes me soo sad. But that is why Chris and I are here to help this little place out!
This is a before on the flat extension.
Before looking out the front window
First layer is off the extension

Second layer is off the extension
all the layers are off
Adding on the new roof
Almost done end of first day
OMG the bin is pretty full and its just with the flat part of the roof!
Second day. Working on the front part of the roof
Adding the under layer

And done! All I have to say is why have the stress of leaking going on and not fix the problem. Its sad to see how badly taken care of this house was. One step at a time and we are making this house better and better. One day it will be 100% fixed up.


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