Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 Today I will be talking about basic cooking for cactus peddles. I find that they taste like green peppers pretty much. One thing I will say is be careful when cleaning the peddles I don't want you to prick yourself.

3 cactus peddles (mine came in a pack of 3)
a small spoon of oil if you wish
 So the first step is to clean the peddles.
Take your paddle and place it flat on your cutting board. Then take your knife and cut away from you you want to take off the darker bumps where the thorns grow as well as the thorns, trying not to peel off all the outer dark green skin. Once you do that you will take a peeler peel around the hole outside of the peddle. You can see all of this in this top photo.
 Cut the peddles up how ever you would like
 Time To boil the peddles for 10 min till they become olive green like the next photo

 Then Its time to fry with a little bit of oil or just some water till all the slime comes out of them, and they start to brown.

And here is how I had them. With my beef less tips, mashed potatoes, broccolini. You can also eat them in a tortilla! Just have fun with it. Have you ever had cactus paddles? And if so what did you do with them?


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