Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Happy Cow Cookbook Review

Over the past two weeks I have made 4 recipes from The HappyCow Cookbook. The HappyCow is an app for your phone Link here. It is so helpful if you are trailing and want to find restaurants that have veg or vegan options.
So This book is recipes from all over the world from top rated vegan restaurants. I will do a mini review and my thoughts about each recipe.

Tofu Spinach Lasagna from Buddha Burgers, Israel.
**** 4 out of 5 stars
It was really fun to make but I wasn't 100% with the taste of the cheese I made.

Celery-Breaded cutlet with mixed vegetables from Coox and Candy, Germany
*** 3 out of 5
I will for sure do the cutlet again it was soo good. The mixed veg with the sauce wasn't that good and not worth the time to make.

Roasted spaghetti squash cauliflower and mashed potatoes with porcini mushroom gravy from Peacefood cafe, new york
*****5 out of 5
This was soo easy to make and so yummy! The gravy also could be a mushroom soup, its soo good. 

Porcini-Crusted Tofu from Candle Cafe, New York
*****5 out of 5
Very easy to make, the gravy took the longest, but so worth it! 

I love this cookbook! And I think everyone that wants to try more vegan food for sure should get this book! I can't wait to try more recipes. 


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