Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Steamed Whole Artichokes

Happy spring everyone! One of my favorite things about spring is artichokes. I get this question a lot, how do you cook artichokes so here we go!

Using a knife cut off the stems close to the base, also pull of the lower petals that are small and tough.
Place the artichokes in a steaming basket that is in a pot of water, the water should only come to the top of the basket.
Turn on the Stove.
Once the water has boiled turn the heat down to mid love and cook for 30-40 min (If you have a very large artichoke you may need to steam it longer.)
How to eat!
Pull off a leaf and scrape the "meat" off that is at the base of the leaf. 
You may also take the leaf and dip it in vegan mayo or butter then scrape off the "meat"


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