Monday, November 24, 2014

Veggielicious At Tabule

This is the 4th year of Veggielicious in Toronto thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association. I had never heard of it before. Even with getting ready I wanted to be able to go this year. We went to Tabule. It was soo good. I would for sure go back. I couldn't believe how busy it was too! I would say go early or make a reservation.
There is what we had.
Appetizer: Sampler platter with hummus, babaganuj, tabule and falafel  
cauliflower with tahini
Main: Grilled vegetable skewers served with mujaddara rice  
falafel entrée served with grilled vegetables and mujaddara
Dessert: Sorbet (mango, blood orange or lemon orange blossom) 
 mint tea with vegan sesame cookies. 


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