Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What a long weekend.

So this long weekend my husband Chris and I worked on our new interlock patio. I have to say I am really happy with how it turned out.
 So here is the before.
 We ended up using some of the patio stones for the base of our shed, try and use things up right?
 So remember this rubble you will see it later.
 Day 1 Taking the screenings to the back

 This is the space between the two houses. There isn't any room for a wheelbarrow. So we used a garbage bucket that the family that lived here before us left here.. so much junk they left in the backyard. -.-
 Starting to dump the screenings in the patio area,  we dug 6-8 inches down that morning.
 Here is all of the dirt from the patio area
 Day 2 all the screenings are in and ready to tamper.
 Chris with the Tamper machine. This part takes a long time but its worth it to get it right.
 Day 3 putting in the interlock.

 All done. So we used all the dirt from the patio all over our nice grass.. we needed to use it up. Oh well time to grow new grass.
 Look at how nice it is! All we have to do now is fill the cracks with this cool sand that goes hard when its wet so it doesn't move! Who knew there was such a thing!
What a transformation for what the backyard started like! See the little path to the shed, well that was the rubble from the start that I said to keep an eye out for. I am so happy I was able to use up the rubble!
To give you an idea of what we where working with, here is the backyard before we moved in. Oh and before it became weed infested too. I think we have done a lot to it. So what do you think? Have you done any work to your backyard this year? Or do you have one? I will take photos of out veggies soon!


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