Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is almost here

I always find that when winter is around for one thing I don't want to do much. But also I just want to cuddle with my pets :P So I thought it was about time to talk about the fun stuff I did this winter. The bigest things of note would have to be High Tea at Casa Loma and seeing costumes of Downton Abby at Spadina House Museum.

Here are some photos from the event!
 Me being silly

 What the billiard room looked like
 Amanda's food all gluten free!

Dinning room
 Secret passage
 The ladies room
 The event from the 2nd floor
An old car from the time.

Spadina House
 All the costumes

 The servants rooms
 The Lady of the house bed room
 Billiard room

 Dinning room
 Sitting room


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