Monday, August 12, 2013

My new Kitty coming soon!

So all the info you need to know about Ragamuffins is in this video. In short they are like dogs but are cats! Whats not to love. And I know you are all thinking.. but wait doesn't Candice already have a cat (snowflake) and a basset hound (Jem) the answer is yes I do. But the long and short of it is we cat sat for my brothers cat and turns out that Snowflake really likes having an other cat around. Plus I've always wanted a ragamuffin since I have found out about cat breeds. Yes that's right there are cat breeds :P you can see every kind if you look up cats 101 on you tube! Its crazy how many breeds there are.

Anyways this is Blaze he is a 12 week old ragamuffin kitten from the only breeder in Canada. Turns out ragamuffins take a lot longer to mature so we have to wait until he is 14 weeks before we can take him home. He will be ready by the end of Aug. if not early Sep. I can't wait! Isn't he just the cuteist. Trust me when I say this is the last pet I want. I'm done!


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