Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas 3D Nail Art

The other week I thought it was about time to make some fun nail art. So what I used to make this is acrylic liquid acrylic power and a mold.

 heres all the things I used to make the nail art.
 I cleaned out the mold with the acrylic liquid
 put a clear coat of nail polish on
 start by dipping the brush into the acrylic liquid
 then into the acrylicpower

 then you add it into the mold
then you put the mold on your nail
 then time to make the scarf
 add that on
 makeing a green scarf and a little tree
 the snowmen and tree on
 time to add the eyes

 adding little dot on the tree
add some fun crystals and your done. :)


Maša said...

I could never do this. it would come out as abstract art! :D

CandiWare said...

hehe aww Maša thats what having the mold is good for :P I have made little flowers with the power but its hard to work with hahaha

Lynn Sibley said...

Hey darlin'! I've passed a blog award on to you for being so awesome.

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