Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW Items

 Bow Ring Collection
 Grasshopper Pie and Teapot Necklace
 Grasshopper and Cinnamon Crisps Ring
 Grasshopper Pie Green Tea and Cinnamon Crisps Necklace
 Crasshopper Pie Earrings
 Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate Ginger Cheekerboard Cookies and Green Tea Necklace
 Bosten Cream Pie and Chocolate Ginger Checkerboard Cookies Ring
Bosten Cream Pie Earrings

So what do you think of the new items? What is your fav sweet? Have a good day everyone!

- Candice


Studydz said...

adorable yuum <3

CandiWare said...

Thank you art lover :) I'm happy you like it

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