Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Collection/ Halloween

So I thought it was about time to come out with more jewelry that is set with the fall colours or halloween theam. I hope you enjoy the new collection. I would love to know what you think.

Lemon tea, tart and cookie necklace
apple cider, tart and cookie necklace
Bergamont tea, tart and cookie necklace
Halloween cupcake ring
Halloween cupcake ring
Halloween cupcake earrings
Halloween cupcake earrings
Pumpkin Pie ring
Spinder wed Pumpkin Pie and bat cookies ring
Meringue on apricot coulis Ring
Pumpkin pie earrings
Pumpkin pie earrings


Jasmine1485 said...

They are AWESOME! :) I wish I could get one of everything, well done.

LeighFreda. said...

Wow these are fantastic! I may purchase some for halloween!

CandiWare said...

Thank you ladies :)

Anonymous said...

pumpkin pie ring is my favorite! :D

CandiWare said...


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