Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jewel Cupcake Set

So here are my new jewel cupcakes! I hope you enjoy them. Whos ready to bake?

Here is a little jewel cupcake next to a cupcake tin and measuring spoons, all made into a necklace.

Cupcake jewel and a whisk, made into a necklace

Pick your colour.

Large jewel cupcake necklaces.

Jewel cupcake earrings

Tea and tepot earrings

here you can pick which cup you want!

Jewel cupcake Rings too!

Jello plate

Pick your colour.

I'm just so happy with how everything turned out. I hope you enjoy them too. I would love to know what everyone thinks. Have a good end of the week.

- Candice


Cat said...

Adorable ... love that cupcake necklace {I have a total weakness for any and all things cupcakes :)}

♥ Cat brideblu

CandiWare said...

aww thank you your too kind :) I have that weakness too.

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