Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Set

So I love tea, not sure if you notest that. :) So I thought it was about time to do a teapot set since I have lots of tea cups. I have also been playing around with new fabrics to place under the plates. I hope you like them. I would love feedback, have a wonderful week everyone. So whats your fav tea?

- Candice

Pink flower tea set.

Strawbarry tea with a little cookie to one side.

Timbits and coffee
creamer and sugar earrings
green and pink tea pot
BIG tea cup with bergamont tea
cute little blue cup with blueberry tea
cute pink flower cup with apple cider
orange tea cup with cinnamon bun latte
cute little blue and pink cup with white tea and ginger
cute flower tea cup and Green tea and ginger


Maša said...

i love teapots and Timbits and coffee. ^_^

CandiWare said...

aww Kajira, thank you so much I'm happy you enjoy my work :) have a wonderful week

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