Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cupcake nails Tutorial

I saw cupcake nails on a blog I follow so I just had to do my own :) here's an easy tutorial to do it yourself.

1.) Put on a base coat, I find putting a light colour works the best.

2.) Pick a colours for the cupcake papers, bring the colour to about half-way on your nail.

3.) Now add the little lines for the papers.

4.) Icing time! Make sure you come far enough to overlap the paper.

5.) Sprinkles! Add little dots on the icing.

6.) I added little flower stickers just to add a little something else. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

perfect! if i would do it it would be all messy. :D

CandiWare said...

aww it just takes time to get it right really but thank you :)

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