Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW Collections

So I made some new collections that I just had to post up right away! You see I just couldn't help myself! So Fisrt off with my collections are ice cream earrings (S)and (M) sizeing. Next I made ice cream ring collections and at the end of it all I made tea and donut earring collections! Which I am in love with! I think they turned out really well, on top of that I had to make a set for me. I love blue so I made the blueberry donut and rapsberry tea for me! As always I would love feedback let me know what you think :) Thank you for the endless support.

- Candice

2 comments: said...

These mini ice cream cones are so cute! Do I spy with my little eye a mint chocolate chip one? ;)

CandiWare said...

Yes you do hehe I have them posted up here :)

so is mint chocolate chip your fav? hehe what other kinds would you like to see?

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