Sunday, March 6, 2011

Out to see art

So today was all about updateing my etsy shoppe and going to an art show with Chris I had a lot of fun. Its nice to see diffenet art work to get the juices flowing. So here I thought winter was over, we got dumped on last night. Thats ok I enjoy the snow I guess winters not over just yet. So now for the jewelry: I have on my royle tart earrings and ring, I enjoy them very much. Oh and my hat is from my best friend Lynn, its soo very soft and I love the heart on it. Here is her etsy shop:

So is it winter where you are? Also do you like winter? and why?


Anonymous said...

love the mittens! :D

CandiWare said...

thank you so much me too and they keep you so tosty too hehe

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