Monday, March 14, 2011

I was the gaveaway winner!

I was the winner of Wonder Forest's first gave away! I got to pick a gray or white bunny so I picked the gray! Its sooo cute hehe and my kitty Snowflake loves it too!

In other news I just opend up a supply shop with odds and ends I have been collecting over the years of making jewlery, its all the littles bits I don't end up useing so I want to share them with the world. Its called Candychick's Supplies

And last of all I just got a part time job to just make a little money till I find something more permanent. I am working in fragrance at The Bay for Thierry Mugler's line if you know it. Well thats it going on here just been so busy with working. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, what did you do for the weekend? So what do you think of my supply shoppe?


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