Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun outfit

So here I just wanted to have something fun on hehe. I wanted something black but not all black. I think it worked out. So time for the jewelry: Rhubarb strawberry macaron ring, and Alice and bottle cameo necklace. I just joined a clay forum so if your into clay or mini food jewlery or any jewelry at all join :)
In other news today was a crazy day e mailing every job posting I could find that I could apply to heres hoping I get an e mail back. I tossed on Chris glass' just cuz I thought it would be cute hehe. So is anyone else finding it hard to get a job for what you went to school for?


QuackedPlush said...

Cute outfit!

And, yes. Though I got a bachelor's in English Lit., so I didn't have that many options to begin with.

Good luck with the job search, hopefully something good turns up!

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite outfit so far! hope you will get a job soon ...

CandiWare said...

Thank you girls! Times are hard right now lets all hope for the best ring?

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