Wednesday, March 2, 2011

day 4

So today I wanted to wear something that doesn't have much colour to so off how my rainbow cake jewelry can add a little colour where some is needed. I love this sweater dress soo much it really keeps you nice and woram. So now to the jewelry: Rainbow Cake Necklac, Rainbow Cake Slice Ring,  Rainbow Cake Earring Collection.


Anonymous said...

love that dress! although i wouldnt dare to wear it without leggings. :D but otherwise a perfect outfit!

CandiWare said...

ya its soo true :P

Ms. Mimi Fox said...

I really LOVE this outfit on you! I would love it on me too! I am a Big Fan of black and it looks so feminine and stylish! *High Fives! I really love your work. Really REALLY!


CandiWare said...

Aww Mimi why thank you so much thats soo sweet of you to say :) I hope you win :D

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