Thursday, March 10, 2011


Time for a name change. I was talking to one of my girl friends Sylvia last night about a domain and a name change. She said "it's cuter and it would be a chance for you to launch all those new photos-- new name and new look. I did it! My new name is CandiWare. One of my friends Keith about 2 years ago came up with it for me, and I think its about time I use it! So with my new look comes a new name! I hope you all like it. My new domain name is added to my blogger! There are some places I can't change my user name like etsy and my fan page on facebook but I don't think starting new accounts is the best thing to do so I am just going to leave them as is.


Ms. Mimi Fox said...

Candice! I need to talk to you about a giveaway with the bakery I work at. Will you contact me asap? I would like to tell you about what we are thinking. I LOVE THE NEW NAME! Syl is awesome and always full of awesome words of encouragement :)

Thank you!!!

CandiWare said...

sure thing e mail me and we can talk if that works for you my e mail is

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