Sunday, February 27, 2011

First day

So today I wanted to try something different that my friend Syl from Lip gloss and Black thought might be fun. So starting today I am going to show off some fun outfits I have and accessorize with my jewelry! Today I have a more casual look, I am wearing a top from Rickie's, and my jeans are from American Eagle (I love buying jeans there all the time!) and boots from Winners. The jewelry I am wearing is Creamy Lime and Blueberry Cheesecake Earrings,  Chocolate Donut with Vanilla and Sprinkles Ring, and a Kawaii Teddy Bear Cameo Necklace. I will do more classy and work outfits too! So stay tooned.

On an other note I have been starting to take more fun interactive photos of my jewelry, so keep looking at my shop for new photos I would love feedback, thank you and have a good Sunday everyone!

- Candice


Anonymous said...

yay, I love outfit posts! :D i've joined a group of remixers, hosted by but I'm quite slow about posting my outfits cause I don't leave the house every day. xD however, study "holidays" are over so i'll have to visit university daiy from now on. :)

CandiWare said...

Cool I love the blog thank you hehe, ya I don't leave the house everyday but its fun to dress up :) I enjoy it hehe and thank you I will try and be posting new photos everyday :D

Marina said...

i love your look, but try to take photos outside, they will look much better!

CandiWare said...
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CandiWare said...

can't I live in an apartment and I don't have much places to go plus its super cold out , but thank you I will be going out places and taking photos when its nicer out

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm glad you're starting to try out some outfit posts! That's so great!
Masha is right, there are a LOT of people doing the outfit '30x30 remix' challenge & it will help you meet a lot of people who are also doing it & challenge you to wear your clothes differently :)

I saw your change of banner & new pics in your shop too! It's starting to look really great! xox

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