Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tutorial How To Make A Hostess Cupcake

 What you will need: Fimo Brown (75) White (0) Black (6), toothpick, Liquid sculpey, razor blade

Make 3 little balls of the fimo the brown (75) the larges then white (0) and the smallest being black (6)
 Flatin out the brown then add the white in the middle.
 Take the brown clay and cover up the white making it into a ball.
 flatin the top of the ball to make it into a cylinder.
 flatin out the black fimo.
 add it to the top of the cylinder you just made and make sure it cover the sides.
 roll out the cylinder to keep the shape.
 fray the brown clay with a toothpick
 take a little white and roll it out to make a really thin snake I really stress thin! here the thiner the better
 star making the loops of white fimo on top, this takes some time to get used to so keep at it.
 this is what it looks like done with the icing.
 now cut the cupcake in half.
 time to fray the inside just like the outside.
now time to add a little liquid sculpey to add the runny icing inside!
then all you need to do is bake the little guy and your done! Enjoy Hope this tutorial helped let me know if you would like me to make others :) or what you thinkof this tutorial thank you :)


Vanessa said...

This looks edible!!

CandiWare said...

hehe thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

wow :o <3

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