Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Craft Shows

So this weekend I was at 2 craft shows the first one was called Movies and Makers, where I did so well sold 15 items from my new line! The one I went to today was called The Wandering Winter Craft Show - FIRST SHOW! I sold 3 items so not as much as I wanted to but still fun, had my boyfriend and my best friend there with me. My girl friend split the table with me. I have been thanking/ wanting to open up my own shop in toronto, for my own jewelry and to showcase other talented artist in toronto.. at this point it feels like a dream. I have been looking up shops to rent in toronto and the prices are so crazy! I really hope one day soon to do this. I want to because I have been in a lot of shops to sell my jewelry and most not all... aren't the best to sell your work at or they say there for the artist but really there not. One day it will happen just have to keep looking for that sweet spot to open shop!

About the photos the first 2 are from the Movies and Makers, the other one are from today the wandering craft show with photos of my best friend her work my boyfriend and my work too. Enjoy. Any help or comments would be wonderful I would love advice. :)


Emma said...

Hey, thanks for coming out and being so positive! You gave me some excellent notes on how to make the show better for everyone for this coming Saturday! Here's to things only getting better!

CandiWare said...

thats very true :) heres hopeing it does get better

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