Monday, September 20, 2010

Food Ideas

Here's a list of ideas coming from you.
Please leave a comment to this post if you would like me to do something particular or have any food idea I didn't thought of. I would love your feedback I am looking for new ideas for me to work on. I am open to any idea so feel free to comment. Thank you so much


k8 said...

Hey Candice, its Kate Nipper, I have a few ideas for foods:
-1- a purely bacon ring or necklace
-2- turkey leg
-3- s'mores
-4- chicken pot pie
-5- hershey's bar/milky way
-6- (this may be complicated but it is worth buying)m&m's in a jar(not glued down so they move)

Thank you so much for putting love and admiration into something we can wear that truly shows somebody loves their job. :)

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