Monday, September 20, 2010

3rd Interview Chelbunny the Jewelry Designer

Here is the next interview with Chelsea, jewelry designer and photography artist, enjoy.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I'm Chelsea Anne, a 19 year old artist ♥ I'm a BIG TIME artist, and I have been since I was a little girlie watching Sailor Moon everyday after school! I get alot of my inspiration from artwork, japanese/korean fashion, and magazines. I love to dress with C.O.L.O.R. in my life.

So what is your shop, all about what do you offer?
My shop is called "Crystal Carousel" and it's all about that childish carefree attitude! Wear what you want and rock it! I got the name because of my obsession with carousels of course! I offer big bows in sweet patterns and sugary jewelry, usually like cakes, cookies, etc. I sell deco purses and custom artwork as well!

What are the shops that you own?
Crystal Carousel is my only shop, but I do have my own photography business!

So, describe the process of creating your items: how, when, materials, etc.?
Well my biggest problem is I usually have to be in the "creative mood" otherwise anything I create isn't as good as it should be. I usually will draw up my items in my little idea notebook ahead of time. Then when it's time to create I have my music blasting some jpop or house music :) I sit down at my craft table and I have like 12 boxes of supplies all scattered around me >.<

Got other hobbies that you love?
Photography of course! That's my number 1 :) I also love drawing, baking, and makeup too!

In your opinion, do you think there's a lot of competition in miniature food jewelry/accessories?
Oh DEFINITELY. It's insane how popular it's become lately! Everyone has their own "style" to it which makes it harder to choose :P I'm a fan of it myself! Most people say I make them hungry when I'm around because I have so many candy-related accessories!

Do you have any promotions going on now?
Nope :( Only because my shop is currently in "vacation mode" because I've been soooo busy with school and work. I'm trying to re-vamp my whole shop. I need to make ALOT more items, but I'm also looking to sell some very new things! I want to start selling skirts, photography/drawing prints, as well as offer custom graphics/banners/etc!

Any advice for people starting out?
Get your shipping prices sorted ASAP!
One time I guessed the shipping price on an item and i ended up paying WAY more for the shipping then I intended and actually didn't make any money on that item because the shipping equaled out the selling price! It was horrid! Also, give measurements with your listings because pictures make size sooo deceiving!

What other shops do you like/love?
Oh so many!! Yours for one XD I'm such a miniature sweets junkie! Other fave shops are:
The sad thing is I have SOOO many more favorite shops too! Ahh, I'm such a shopaholic myself!

Okay, last question, where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself doing makeup AND photography for a living :) I'd like to be selling prints too and I will definitely still be crafting up a storm! I'd be living in probably Seattle, WA or in England with my husband, Dray! He's my fiance now, so that part isn't unrealistic, haha!

xxChelsea Anne

Here is Chelbunny's Tumbler for everyone to follow.


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