Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a week...

This is a post about me not about my work this time sorry guys... I just need to get out how I feel. So I had a kick ass time at the cottage, but someone I liked was there, I ended up asking him out and he said "I don't see why not" so we went to see Drag me to hell. Which was scary enough for me to grab onto him lol. I thought he was pretty into me too, till last night and I fined out hes unsure..... how can you be unsure? He doesn't know if he likes me as a girl friend, he likes to spend time with me, he doesn't want to hurt me or lead me on in any why but hes going to see an other movie with me wouldn't you say thats a little leading me on if hes willing to see another movie with me? He also said that hes not sure yet. So should I still be like him and see if he returns how I feel? or should I try and move on? I'm so unsure and I really like him :( I feel like everything is going right in my life but the guy part lol.


Art Fan Ako said...

Sorry for your experience. Try not to take it personal. It's typical of guys who's not ready yet... they're not sure, afraid of commitment or obligations, etc. Just have fun and try not to fall in love! The right guy will come at the right moment.

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