Monday, June 29, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

I am having a big big sale at the candy shoppe I am trying to make space for new items that I have to put up :) I will add them on flickr in july. I have almost gone pasted my 100MB this month so everyone will have to wait to see what is up and coming in the candy shoppe. I think I will post one new item here just a little thank you to all my readers *hug. :)

On other news.... I am single now, things just didn't work out with my ex -,- we just worn't right for each other. Something I really wanted to do for a while... I got my labret pirced I am soo happy with it aside from my face hurting lol so back to looking for Mr. Right lol I think I just want to have fun and see what happends with that really. It just kinda hard I miss having someone there. I also am a grad as of last week I had my grad day on the 25th it was really nice to see everyone after soo long.


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