Friday, June 5, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Domo kun

Barely waking up from a long night of seriously epic tv watching, Domo slowly gets himself out of bed ready to tackle the long day ahead. Domo style.

RAWR! Okay, Domo is up and ready to do his thing!

Hi there! I'm Domo kun and today I will take you on a grand journey around my new home town of TEE DOT.

I like to start off my day by climbing a tree (at least 6 feet high) to find out where I want to go... I also scope out all the hot mamacitas... mmmmmm yummy, there goes one spicy lady now.
and how does Domo kun get around you ask? By my sweet ass handsfree bike! Are you jealous? I thought so.

Am i seeing things or am I surrounded by beautiful delicious smelling purple balls?! NO! ITS REAL! Praise the lord!

All that epicness has gotten me pooped. It's nap time, hold all my calls and wake me in 20.


Up and at them! Its Domo feeding time! Bust out the clodhoppers!

What a pretty city toronto is. Free of danger.....

BUT WAIT! A mysterious but very rugged and good looking stranger has appeared! What does he want from domo?! Is he friend or foe?!

What a day! Time to take the subway home. Domo does'nt want to miss my epic amount of tv shows! Anyways thank you for joining Domo on my fun day. Maybe you can follow Domo around again sometime :)


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