Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd Day and new friends

I wanted to show off my new stuff I love it.

Here's Sylvia at her table.

I made some new friends at the free rock show This weekend! First I got to meet a singer from one of the Bands named Tyler, she ended up buying two necklaces, she even wore one of them on stage! Here is there my space go take a look there music Ireally enjoy it.

Also yesterday I got to meet sisters Sylvia & Samantha, that run there own clothing & accessories store. I love there work and they are soo sweet I would like to think that I could call them friends. I really hope to see them at an event again soon. These are some pics of the little hair bows I got from them and this cute little bag :) This is there etsy shop go take a look and enjoy there wonderful work.

Oh ya so that pic of that guy looking crazy... I took that cuz I thought his top was really funny. Anyways guys I am pooped from 2 long days I am off to bed and then work tomorrow tell me what you think of there work. :) night all


Tinys and Tea said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I love your blog and have given it an award! Please feel free to grab it from my blog!

Art Fan Ako said...

Fun place to meet interesting people!

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